Duplicate sheet not working

Got this when trying to duplicate an app this morning.

How do I resolve this? Does Glide get notified about such critical bugs?


Do you have many empty rows and columns in that app?

How does that affect it? Since that is the sheet/ not the app.

I’ve looked and deleted some of the extra rows/ columns.

But it hasn’t made any difference.

  1. Is there a limit on the numbers of sheets in a google sheet the duplicate function can cope with?

I guess there’s a time out limit somewhere in that process so if the amount of data being copied is too big, it will be a problem.

It’s a ‘duplication’ of the app, not the google sheet data however.

When you select use same google sheet, it has no need to copy data.

Let me know if I’m missing something - it seems there’s just a bug in app duplication. It has nothing to do with data that I can tell.

So you’re pointing it to the same Google Sheet? In that case I’m not sure what the problem is, still I think there’s a timeout limit for this action.


So the question is… why is there a timeout for duplicating just the app?

I spoke to Glide support, they’ve found an issue and are working on a fix.


It now displays a new error - we have deleted all possible empty rows and columns in our app. So I doubt this is the issue/ unless it’s doing it for apps with low numbers of volumes. Our max row size is around 3000 in sheets in this app.

I’m curious if anyone has got the duplicate app to work?