Problem Duplicating App

I am needing to duplicate my app to make a new version while keeping the older app active. When I clicked to “Copy The Sheet” I got the following notice:

An error occurred while duplicating your app
Duplicating an app can fail when it uses a large or complex Google Sheet. Please delete all rows and columns that your app is not using or where there is no data. Glide will append rows as needed, so you can remove all empty rows below the existing data on all of your sheets. After completing these steps, try duplicating your app again.

What do I do to resolve this issue. By the way, I am a novice and not overly knowledgeable on Glide. I have used a guy to help me over the years but he has been unresponsive to this issue. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

Have you tried this?

Yes. I do not have any unused columns

Try the following steps. It might work.

  1. Duplicate your Google Spreadsheet first.

  2. Open your app, go to settings, go to data sources, and replace your current spreadsheet with newly duplicated spreadsheet.

  3. Once the spreadsheet has been changed, try duplicating the app again.

This works for me most of the times.

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Thank you. That allowed me to copy the app but it did not make an exact duplicate of the app which was what I was hoping. The data from the sheet transferred but the structure of the app did not.

Are you duplicating a classic app from new apps?.

I just reread your post.

Glide only duplicates all the data and computed columns when creating New Apps from Classic Apps.

I guess that is the problem. I had to go to the Help section to learn the difference. I need to duplicate this annually so how do I know if this is a classic app and how do I convert it if it is not?
(NOTE: I am asking this question and then leaving my computer until this evening so if you reply, I will not be able to check or work on the app until later today. Thanks!)

A classic app is very clearly indicated in the dashboard by having a boarder that says it’s Classic.


Classic apps have been depricated for quite a while now with no new features and no support, and can no longer be created or duplicated. If you need a new version, you will have to create a new app. You can create a New App from Data, but it only preserves any computed columns. The front end still has to be rebuilt.

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My app is Classic. Thank you for helping me and I know what I need to do now.

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