Duplicate app with same sheet

I need to duplicate an App with the same sheet with 2000 lines.
But, when I duplicate, I have an Size Error … Normal this is like Free app with 500 lines
Question : when I update (purchase) this second app, Can I retrieve the access to all 2000 lines ?
Thanks a lot

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Have a feeling the latest changes to the editor might have something to do with it. I have seen another thread similar to yours in the last hour or so. It’s most likely a bug.

To answer your other question, yes, when you upgrade to pro your sheet with all 200 data rows will remain unaffected and you will enjoy same access rights as on free plan, and will get all the benefits that come with a pro plan

You say 500 rows. Then 200 rows. If you already have 500 populated rows, could you remove two rows to see if it still throws up same error?

Thank you

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Make sure you delete all empty rows/column in the original sheet, and then try duplicating again.


If I understand correctly, then yes what you see is normal.
And yes, as soon as you upgrade the duplicated app it will read all 2000 rows.


I’m sorry, I never wrote 200 lines.
In the pro app, I have 2000 lines, the duplication of the app generates an application with the free regime, 500 lines max, with the alert message: storage full, some records may be missing

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Thanks Darren, I am reassured

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