Error when copying app

When I click on copy app, i have the following error

An error occurred duplicating the app.

In most cases this is caused by a large and/or complex Google sheet. Delete all rows and columns that your app is not using or there is no data. Glide will append rows as needed so you can remove all empty rows below the existing data on all of your sheets. Then try to duplicate the app again.

: Could not load the receiving user’s Google Sheets integration

Please, I need help

Have you deleted all rows and columns that are empty?

I had a similar problem in an app with many tables but only few with a lot of rows.
What I did:
First duplicated the Google sheet in Google drive
Then removed all rows (but left one) from the few tables which have a lot of data
Then copied the app and reconnected to the Google sheet duplicated in the first place.
Maybe this also helpful for you.

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