Drop down for data selection

I want to have users choose a Team from a list (dropdown) and then populate a column in the table and the corresponding other two columns to also populate in that Glide table (linked to Google sheet).
The values that are populated into the columns will form part of calculations with other columns…

so 1st question, how do I create the option to do this within the Glide table

and 2nd question, what input / selector do I use within the app to enable the user to select the Team and associated numeric data?


If the other two columns are linked to the team choice, then I imagine you can do a relation - lookup to populate them.

So is there a drop down menu within the app so that users can select their team ?

You would use the choice component and point that to a user-specific column.

Hi - I am in step with you!
So I can now choose the Team using the choice conponent…
My next problem is that although the selected Team goes to the top row in the table (and sheet) it does not move the associated other two columns to the top row… so it is not associating with the correct data…

Have you configured a relation from the chosen team column to your table here?

From that relation, you can create two lookups to return the average fee and the mandate to sales number.

Without knowing how you are structuring your data, if you want it to be on a row for each user then structure it around the User Profiles table then filter the screen by email is signed-in user.

I’ve got myselsf very confused
I have made a simple App just to try and get this function to work…
Any chance you can take a look please?

Very much appreciated…

Here’s a working version for you. I built it on top of the Profile sheet instead and use a combo of relation - lookups to return the needed columns.

Please tell me when you have copied it back so I can clear it from my dashboard.

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Wow, thank you so very much - Mr Genius!
I will save that and make a copy to play with
Your help is so very much appreciated


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Many thanks
Now integrated into the main app - and working …

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Good to hear!