Display Computed Field on a Details Page

I have built a user table where I assign team membership to a player.
I have a Team table that contains team name, motto, image.
I added a computed field (Team Members) to the Team table to collect all players in the user table with that team associated.

This all works fine, but when I click on a team for details, I can’t figure out how to get the Team Members field to display the names of the team members (preferable as links to their profiles).

I’m just getting started with Glide, and I am feeling the crunch as school is approaching because I want to gamify my honors course of 9th graders right away with the support of the app I am building Robert Petitto’s 1st lesson on YouTube.

Please help!

Thanks so much.

You probably just need a relation column in your teams table that links back to Users. Can you show me a screen shot of both tables (from the Glide Data Editor)?

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I figured that part out today, but they still don’t show as an option on the detail screen. I want to understand this relationship business before I get much further in. The GUI looks different than the tutorials that were made 1-2 years ago, so that is making things a little harder.

Thanks for caring!!

You can add add collection to the team detail screen and set the source as the relation.

How do I add that? I only see “Title” with no place to add. I think I must be misunderstanding something.

You add components to the screen via the lower left panel. Then you can select that component and configure on right hand panel.

Oooo. I see that now. Duh. My only problem is that I want to add rel_Crew Members field, but it isn’t available down there yet. It is in the table but not showing.

It looks like you have rel_Crew Members set up as a multiple relation, which is good.

Can you show a screenshot of what you see in the dropdown?

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I figured it out!

Next issue is with trying to do math in my users tab:
(current XP / user’s rank XP MAX [from lookup]) *100

But the lookup does not appear as an option when defining the math column:

If I could pick that lookup column, then I could get the right answer. On the video tutorial I am following it was there, so I must have missed a step.

The Lookup is returning an array, which is why it can’t be used. Where does it come from?
If it’s a relation, you need to make it a single relation.
If it’s a query, you need to use a single value instead of a lookup.


OK, I am really confused now.
I have a Ranks Table:

The user’s initial Rank comes from an if/then/else field that checks user XP than manually assigns the rank “word”. I somehow related the Rank Name field in the Rank table to it and can get the correct rank image back to the User table. I just can’t get the other fields (XP Upper Limit, for example) to link back without returning many of the values.

What do you need to see to get the info you need?

Check the configuration of your relation column. If the “match multiple” box is checked, uncheck it.

Does each table have to have an index field?

maybe this will help:

when I create a rel_Rank Name in my Users that links to Ranks: Rank Name, it returns an image instead of a name, even though the Ranks: Rank Name field is text

That’s fine. Did you check the relation configuration? Can you show me a screenshot of that?

Relation doesn’t work because the Users table doesn’t have the xp range rules columns.
When I use Lookup, it returns the entire column, telling me it doesn’t know which row to look at.

If I try to create a Ranks: rel_Rank Name field pointing back to Users: Rank Name, I get either 1 or all users that have that rank returned, so I renamed that one Ranks: rel_Rank Owners (which is useful in the layouts).

I think you just need a query column with a single value.

Have a watch of Bobs video below. He covers how to do rankings with a query column.

(sorry my replies are a little terse, I’m away from my computer)


So if I am understanding the video, I need to dump the if/then/else definition column in the Users table and just worry about keeping track of XP.

Since I have the Rank Table already created, I don’t even need relations; I can just query the Rank Table from the User Table with a min/max this-row filter?