How to create Glide Pages form adding data to different tables?

I am interested to know the best approach(es) to use when I want to create a single form that would also create a relationship on a different table.

For example, you want a form to create a team member, but, at the same time, you want to assign that team member to their team. Current setup:

  • Users table
  • Projects table
  • User2Project relations (UserID, ProjectID)

Thank you very much for any recommendations that could help!

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Like this?

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Hello @Dilon_Perera and thank you for your kind welcome.

Also, many thanks for your recommended approach. I didn’t feel like having a redundant “Team” column in both Users and Projects would be the effective solution but I might be wrong.

Now that I’ve looked at your approach, it does make team creation easier (possibly). However, the questions that comes to mind are:

  1. Does this mean that teams must be pre-configured? Or it is possible to make it so that teams created by a user are directly attached to his UserID and then they only show to him when adding users to the team.
  2. Given that we are using a string in the team column, does that mean they can only belong to a single team?

Many thanks again, you did alert me to a different approach to do this!

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Your welcome :+1:

If the teams are created already ( Like in the video) then you can add the choice component and select the team when creating the user. If not you can add a text entry to the team name to create the new team.

If I’m correct in the choice component you can’t select many items at once on Pages.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Thanks again @Dilon_Perera,
I am more interested in solving it on the BE (database editor) first rather that worry about forms at this point, although that would need to be resolved as well.

However, currently, it seems using a column representing a single team might not be the best way to do it since in my case, a user can be part of multiple teams. Fort his scenario, it seems the best approach so far would be to do what I’ve done originally, have a separate table connecting the users & teams tables. Not sure how forms & creation can be ideal in this case though :thinking:


I think. But If someone has a better idea he will reply.

All the best :+1:

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