Drop down filter of US states - can it be A-->Z?

Ok. I have a site with lots of churches in it. One of the columns in my spreadsheet is has the US State the record is in. So then I added a FILTER to my GlidePages that lets users see a drop down by state. It works great. (see photo) …but…

PROBLEM the dropdown menu itself has the states listed COMPLETELY OUT OF ORDER. I can’t even guess what order is there. (SEE PHOTO)

When most users click on a list of 50 states they immediately expect it to be A-Z. Alabama, Alaska, etc… My list is out of order. People have complained (Hey the dropdown is pretty much useless if its not in alphabetical order. We don’t want to hunt and peck through 50 states and 12 provinces).

**Is there a way to have the states/provinces in A-Z order in the drop down filter? **

@Ivo_Elbert I asked for this a while back as well.


Definitely would be a good idea to have a sort option for the in-app filter. You could build your own filter drop-down and add sorting to that but it certainly is more work than if it was an included feature with the in-app filter.