Filtering feedback for glide pages

I have a few points of feedback I’d love to share for the filtering features in Glide Pages.

Right now filtering is limited to one option, I’d love to see support for multiple.

This would enable more useful queries for users when searching lists with a high number of variables that matter. I run a job board where the majority of my users want to filter by multiple options (ex. Speciality + State) … with one filter I’m limited to giving my users the option of:

  1. Filter by one option, then search by keyword (ex. filter by ‘Therapy’, search by ‘California’)
  2. Create multiple pages for the ‘parent’ filter (the one they filter by the most), like pages for California jobs, pages for Texas jobs, etc.

Neither one of these is ideal, and even these patches are for only two filters, never mind 3-5 filters (my use case) … I need more logic in my filter queries.

I’d also also love to see support for:

Multiple selection
Allowing for the user to see more useful results at once (ex. CA+TX+FL in one result vs CA then TX then FL to view all results)

Quickly find the value to filter by in a long list of options

Front end sorting options for users
For users who have different priorities when looking at results (ex. highest to lowest, lowest to highest, most viewed, etc)

Sorting rules for filter options
Sometimes filters are more useful to sort by alphabetical order (like US states), but sometimes you want filter by results/popularity (ex. specialities with the most jobs) …ps I believe this defaults now to sheet order the first instance of the filter option … which for either one of those two examples above are not ideal. (essentially random order)

Lastly on my filtering feedback, I’d love to advocate for the appending of active filters to the url string. This is a big feature for the no-code world. If I can send a user to a url that is pre-filtered, I can dynamically create those links in airtable, zapier, parabola, etc and send the user to a personalized page just for them (ex. OT in TX sorted by pay).

Filtering seems to be a tough one to properly pull off. Typically tools like Glide have 1 or 2 of the features I listed above, but rarely all of them. Single filters are great for smaller tools people can build, but when start to scale your no code businesses (especially marketplaces) … your lists get longer and more unique, then your users want filters to reduce the clutter and find what they’re looking for!

Hope that feedback helps, please hit me up if I can help in anyway!


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