In-app filtring

Hello all,
I’m trying to filter this list, but I need to filter it not by A-Z order
I want to choose the way the list show’s up, I tried to assign numbers but without success

Do you mean you want to filter by another column?

No, I want to filter with the same column but
I want it to be in a different order.
right now it’s going a-b-c-d,
I want to decide the order

My thinking is you can add a template column that adds the order of the things you want to filter.

Let’s say:

1 - A
2 - B
3 - C

And then filter by that column.

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tried that, same results, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I mean you can try an If Then Else column to add a number prefix to those strings, then use that ITE column as the column to filter.

I tried everything lol,
maybe it is impossible to do.
thank you though for the help.