Drivingrange Booking

Hi,I have a columns such as Number of candidates required & Number of candidates booked(its a rollup coloum) in this i have set filter that number of candidates booked doesnot equal to number of candidates required when this condition meet it should not display on slots screen
example candidates required is 2 I booked two time even then its displaying on screen

Can you show your filter?

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Can you point out one of the rows that is not filtering correctly? Based on what a I’m seeing in your first 2 screenshots, row 13 is the only one that should not be showing in your collection. The rest have a Candidates Booked number that does not equal Candidates Required. Only row 13 is showing as a match.

I see a potential problem with your filter that you probably need to change, but based on how you have it set up, it seems like it is working as expected.

I’m not sure what you are trying to show me there. I asked for a specific row that you think should not be showing in the collection. Instead you are just pointing to a column heading which I could already see in one of your other screenshots, so it’s not helping to answer my question.

Regardless, your ‘Candidates Required’ column appears to have either 1, 2 or 3 for a number. Your ‘Candidates Booked’ column has a lot of 0, 30, and 32 numbers. For example, 2 does not equal 30, so based on your filter, that would cause the row to show in your collection. Your filter is looking for rows where the numbers do not match, and 2 definitely does not match 30.

You probably should be checking if 2 is less than or equal to 30. It’s likely that you have your filter set up wrong, but I was first trying to focus on one specific row to make sure I understood correctly before making that suggestion.


In this collection the card Drivingrange A must not be shown

What’s the Required number for that row?
What’s the Booked number for that row?

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