Does the new pricing effectively kill membership access to an app?

Just now seeing the updates to pricing. I am building a membership site for around 1,500 people to access. Now that white list email is gone, how would I build this membership site to allow/restrict access? Is my only option to pay $2 per user? ($3000/mo - if so that’s ridiculous.)

Any ideas?

I had the same issue. However, you can make your app Public and use a button with a “Signin” action to allow users to signup. Once they do this you’ll get an entry for them in the sheet that holds user profiles. You can then show these users different information to the non-signed-up users.


Pricing goes down FAST for that amount of users.

cc @Ian

Do you have an example of this that I can see? I’m having a hard time implementing this.

Unfortunately no as my app is for a customer(s) with private data. Essentially the app is public but there is a user profile sheet. This means you can view the app without signing in. Within the app, add a button with the sign in action and give it caption “subscribe” or similar. When it’s tapped, the login screen will appear, the user will enter their email, and a PIN will be sent. After entering the PIN the users email will be added to the user profile sheet. When a user who has gone through this process uses the app, you can see that the current user email is not blank and subsequently treat them differently to a public user.

That’s very helpful, thank you for your insight!