Does the CHAT FEATURE have a way to pin community guidelines

Greetings, I am wondering if there is a way to post a component in the chat that will allow for community guidelines of some sort. Right now, from what I can see, it seems pretty open, but most platforms that would allow people to communicate openly (including this one) include some sort of expectations around how one should conduct themselves in the space.

Does GLIDE allow for anything like this on the CHAT tab?

Is there anyone successfully using the CHAT feature on the app? If so, how do you use it?

If you are talking about the native Chat tab then that’s pretty limited, I usually build custom solutions myself if I need a Chat function.

Native chat: only allow comments to be sent, not edited or deleted from the user’s side. You can only send text as well, not attaching an image or a file. Plus point is it does not eat into your row count.

Custom chat: Allow comments to be sent with an image or a file (using image picker or file picker, then show them in the details view of the comment). Users can edit or delete their comment and can report others’ comments. Eats into your row count and data storage, though.

With the custom chat, you can add a link/inline list at the top to show your community guidelines.


Thank you for the insights into how chat natively works in GLIDE.

How would one go about building a custom chat feature? Is that something that requires a lot of knowledge about coding? Or is there a foundational concept that I could look toward to begin to build a custom chat?

You might be inspired by this template.

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Basically, if you just need messages (without images or files), you just need a combination of text entry writing to a user-specific column + button with add row function to write the messages to a new table.

Then, display those messages in an inline list. Only allow editing if the message belongs to the signed-in user.


Thank you!

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