Change aesthetics of chat


I’ve managed to create a private chat function (thank you Glide tutorials!) but I’m having trouble finding resources on how to change the aesthetics. I’d like it look like a straightforward text exchange if possible with the signed in user showing up on the right and the user they’re talking with showing on the left. Speech bubble style would be awesome but certainly not necessary.

Is there anything in the community forums I’ve missed?

Any and all help appreciated,


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Not possible because the CSS doesn’t distinguish the users in the comments component


Bleeech. Alright. Thanks for the super quick response! :sweat_smile:

So basically anything I do to switch it up will pretty much just look like comment from this person, comment from that person all down the line? I guess I can live with that.

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I think the lack of simple, private, chatting is the most annoying aspect to Glide.

Yeah, agree. I would argue it’s a tight race between that and the lack of a PayPal integration or something that allows peer to peer sales with a transaction fee. That ones driving me nuts at the moment :thinking::expressionless:

Megan, can you share which tutorials you used? All I can find is Robert’s one tutorial. Thanks.

For the private chat? I actually started with a template that had it built in but before I realized my chat was already private, I watched Lisa’s video from Glidegram. It’s similar to Robert’s but I found it a little easier to follow although it was a little less step by step. Between the two you should be good though.

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I agree. I said it before and I’ll say it again—Glide needs to convert the “chat” tab (which I’ll bet most people don’t use) to a component. Same interface, but it would work like the comments component in that you can define the “topic” to make a chat private to users or to a group.


Yes, that would make a lot more sense. I ended up getting rid of the original chat tab because people can add comments on each item listed in my app and it doesn’t really make sense to have just an open-ended comment forum as well. A component would be of great use for a lot of users I think.