Hi everyone!
Can anybody tell me how can I integrate DocuSign?
Is there any tutorial available?

You’ll find an explanation in Glide’s documentation:


Email document to sign: {“errorCode”:“RECIPIENTS_NOT_PROVIDED”,“message”:“No recipients were found in the request.”
This error is popping up. However I did provide everything

Can you show us how you are setting up the Docusign step?

This Image shows action row which generates the Docusign

This is how I done it. CC emails, name, and role are manually entered because they will always remain the same.

This image shows this error when I test the Docusign

That looks like the correct setup for me. Unless your “Email” column is empty, I can’t think of another cause. Do you have access to Pro/Business/Enterprise to be able to submit a ticket?

Email column isn’t Empty.
Its Business plan
Any advice what should I do?Reply

Please submit a ticket.

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