Glide to the rescue

Nothing to actually showcase here, but rather just a short story to tell that demonstrates the power of Glide, and one of many reasons why I love it so much.

Late on this past Friday afternoon I was presented with a little challenge:

“We have this document, and we need most of our employees (about 500 of them) to sign a copy. Is there anything you can do to help with this? Oh, and we need it by Monday”

hmm, okay… hold my beer :beer:

A handful of hours over the weekend in the Glide Builder - and with a sprinkling of Apps Script and Make magic - and I was able to deliver a fully functioning app first thing on Monday morning :slight_smile:

  • When a user signs into the app, they are presented with the content of the document, and prompted to acknowledge that they have read it and sign with their finger.
  • The uploaded signature is then added to a GDoc template, along with the users personal details.
  • The GDoc is then converted to a PDF, a copy is emailed to the user, and another copy is stored elsewhere for HR records.
  • A separate Admin dashboard in the app allows tracking of who has/hasn’t signed the document, and identification of those that need a nudge to get it done.

Nothing particularly special, and a very simple app and use case. But it turned what otherwise would have been a mad rush and a really messy exercise into a metaphorical walk in the park :slight_smile:

I love Glide :smiley: :heart:


Love it, Darren!

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Very cool to see your use case!

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@Darren_Murphy Inspirational. Your years of knowledge, experience and problem solving skills evidenced right there! :clap:

Hope they rewarded you accordingly :wink:

Proud of you :+1:



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Great Work!

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Kind words, Jason. But not necessarily true. As I pointed out, there is really nothing special there. It’s just another example of how Glide can take mere mortals like us and make us look like rock stars :wink:

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You’re too modest…but I get your point…