Signing contracts


Has anybody integrated some digital contract signing tools like Signnow or other?
Is there any way to add it and make it mandatory to access some parts of the app?

Thank you

We did it for a client. Data in Glide is being formatted into a PDF via zapier, sent via signeasy or one of those tools to the client, and as soon as the pdf is signed, we bring it back into the app as a link. I guess you could set up some conditional visibility settings to ensure that the signed file is there before the user can move forward, for example.


@eltintero Thanks so much for the feedback. I will start working on building a similar flow.


Hi @eltintero. In an App I have the same flow using the Glide signature component. Where is the difference using signeasy?

My bad, it was signrequest.
The difference is that with the signature platforms, like signeasy, signrequest, etc; signatures are legally binding.


Ok. Thanks

Hello, that functionality is something I need to implement in an app. Do you have a template or a tutorial on how to do something similar? Thank you!