Document display for Conference

Hi everyone,

I am a new user to Glide, I am in charge of creating an app for an upcoming member’s conference for my work.

One feature that has been requested is the ability to view digital versions of relevant documents in a “Documents” section. I’ve created a list with a data table where I can put in things like the document name, but what I would like is for users to be able to scroll down this list to find the document they want, tap on it and then have it go to a page that displays this document in a custom collection that will consist of Rich Text and Image section that shows the content for each document. We’d prefer to have the content with the app, rather than linking to an external site or having users download a file.

At the moment, when you click on the items on the list, the page that pops up will show the same content regardless of which item on the list you click.

How can I go about doing this?

If it’s showing the same content, are you sourcing you images and text from the data table, or did you manually enter the urls and text directly into the components?

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Managed to figure things out by creating a new page for each document, hiding it from the navigation and used Deeplinking to create links to the created pages.

I think that’s not the optimal way to do it though? If I understand you right, you can have a Documents table, with a name that users can search for, and a URL (you can upload the document to Glide using a file picker).

Inside the details view, display the file in a web embed component.

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That does sound better than the solution I am using.

I have a data table with the document name so that It can be displayed in a list

I’d like users to be able to click on the document they need and have it take them to a page that displays the document on screen (rather than downloading a file). Is there a guide or tutorial you know of that would show me how to do the document uploading and displaying in the Web embed?

Assuming you create a new document using a Glide form, you can use this component to upload a file.

Then use this component to display the file in the details view of the document, pointing to the URL of the document that has been uploaded.

Thanks for the help so far!

I’ve got a file picker added and have uploaded a file as a test, which seems to work fine. Now on the documents page, I have added the web embed and pointed it at the link created when I uploaded the file, but I get an “Open” button that downloads the pdf rather than displaying the file so it is readable in-app.

Do I need to use a specific third party embed to make the files viewable in-app without downloading or is this something Glide can do natively?

Additional question, on the file embed page, after uploading one file (which goes to the first row in the data), clicking on the file picker again just replaces the first file I uploaded instead of allowing me to add a second into the second row of the data. What am I missing to allow me to add more than one file?

It’s weird if it doesn’t render the file directly. Can you show me how you’re configuring the embed component?

Wouldn’t you work with only row at once? Do you need multiple files for one row?

File picker page:


I upload a file by clicking the file picker section which now adds it to my data table in Row 1:

Now if I wanted to add a second file to my document data file, I can’t use the same picker button as it would just override row 1 instead of putting a link into Row 2

Document Display:



Location being the second column in the Document Data table, which is filled by Glide when I upload a file.

You shouldn’t have a “section” for your file picker. Are you adding those rows by a form or something else?

I created a new Custom page page in my app, set it to be only viewable by me, linking to a table called Documents. I then added a single file picker component to facilitate the upload.


As the app admin, I will be the only person uploading documents to the app for our guests to view.

I mean you should use a form to add document rows.

Fantastic, That worked and I have been able to upload more than one file so that is one issue resolved :smiley:

All that’s left is the file display section when a document is tapped on from the Documents page, do you have anything I can try?

I can’t see why your embed setup doesn’t work though. Can you try uploading this PDF?

Same issue with your pdf.

Table for reference:

Just thought of something, would it make a difference if the app is published currently or not?

Just to confirm, for your web embed component, you’re still pointing to the location column?

Yes, I am using the Location column as per the picture above.

I have tried it on another page just in case and also tried manually putting in the URL from the location column but both have resulted in the Open button that downloads the file instead of showing the file directly

Can you give me a sample link from this screenshot so I can test it myself?

This is the sample pdf you sent me

Works just fine for me whether I type it manually or use a column.