DNS files won't transfer successfully

So I have been at this for 4 days. The ony file that will transfer with a green check is the TXT file. A and AAAA file will not. Go Daddy is where I purchase my domain from. I have spoken to their customer service twice with no help at all. Is there any information in the community that I don’t know about that could be preventing the A and AAAA files from transferring? Thanks.

Can you try to ask the GoDaddy Forum?

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I’ll try that. Thanks. Did not realize that they had their own forum too.

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No response from the Go Daddy Community. :thinking: Are all three supposed to have 3 checks behind them or just the TXT data? I understand the other two, A and AAAA, are consistent throughout all the Glide Apps. The only one that is distinctive is the TXT data.

More of a question than an answer, but, if you change the domain in glide, will the A and AAAA change too? Maybe try that, again it’s only a guess, haven’t tried that myself

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What do you mean change the domain in Glide? When I upgraded to pro…I changed it to the “name of my app.com”, without the previous glideapp.io. Did I do something wrong there?

I meant the glide domain, so change from mydomain.glideapp.io to yourdomain.glideapp.io
As I said, it was only an idea that went through my head, but I’ve never tested it myself. And maybe this would change the A and AAAA and so you could try with new codes, if it in fact creates them new

I did that. When I go to the app on the internet, it comes up successfully. :open_mouth: I wonder if the TXT file is the most important and the A or AAAA files are not. The TXT file is clearly accepting the files from Glide or I wouldn’t be able to see when I search it.

So…it working?