Godaddy issue - When adding subdomain for GlideApps I lost my normal one

Hi! I managed to add for my GlideApp but in the process I lost my normal one ( including my email address. Anyone who have had the same issue an know how to fix this? Panicking a bit about not having my email up and running. It looks like this currently:image|690x357

Sorry :neutral_face:! Did you install the pro on an existing or new domain or a subdomain of an existing domain ? Are you in Australia?

I don’t know. Probably the existing one? Is there a way to go back to original settings in an easy way? I’m in Sweden

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Sorry :neutral_face: for the late reply. I’m working on something but don’t know why I’m not receiving the usual push notifications. Neve mind. I asked about country because I recently solved two Australian godaddy domain related issues. Your in Sweden so you are a new case. I’m sure you read Glide documentation before switching domains, including on non-google domains ? Have you had word with goddaddy? What was their reply? Did they say it was a server issue? Normally they blame Glide (it’s the easiest option). Before I jump in lto help you return to previous state, please fill me in on the details. I might also need access to your godaddy account. I think I know what the issue is.

Thank you.

It’s online

Yes, it’s online now. Lost my Glide subdomain now but will try to redo it :slight_smile: Thanks for getting back to me!

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Follow Gdocumentation on it. Tx