Dividing from another Glide Table

I have a spreadsheet that i use for my finances and budgeting. Its based of the Buckets method from “Barefoot Investor”.

I currently have the app setup to add my income in manually on a navigation screen and another for the different buckets i transfer my money into.

My Question is:
How can i take that newly enter income on one table and say divide it by 10%, so that it displays the correct amount for me to transfer.

My other issue is how can i display this on my Buckets Section so that it saves that pay an creates another list for next pay.

Pictures show the kind of look im going for.

Sorry if this is a simple answer very very new to this.

Hello Blake, welcome to Glide’s community forum.

In the Data Editor, in the table where you have your income, create a math computed column.

Do you plan on saving the history of your income and the buckets each cycle (month I assume)? If so, then you could create a table with a timestamp (date) in a column and an extra column for each bucket.

Have you looked at Glide’s template store to see if there are any personal finance templates you could use our learn from?

Two other good places to learn a few concepts works be Glide Docs and Glide University. The links are here in the forum, in the Glide builder, on Glide’s website.

Sorry i dont think i explained properly.

How can i take that newly enter “income amount” on the income table and divide it by 10%, so that it displays the Result in the “Amount” column of the buckets table.

My general recommendation would remain the same:

  • In the Data Editory, use a math computed column to perform math operations.

  • In general, you could have a look at the Glide’s template gallery and look up personal finance apps, they might give you ideas and many of these templates are free. Templates are great to learn and get you started.