GlideApps Collection Ledger Format

Hello all, I have been struggling with this feature in GlideApps, this is the feature I want to achieve:

In an normal accounts ledger for party ‘X’, there are a list of transactions along with the date, transaction ID, amount and net effect, as shown below. Kind of like a monthly bank statement.

I want to know how to produce the net effect for each row in a glide table

It’s easy to achieve this in a spreadsheet as you can use formulas to have each cell reference the surrounding cells yet I do not know how to tackle this within GlideApps’s Glide Tables. My data in Glide is as shown below.



Others, please provide your input too!


Wow! That’s brilliant mate! Thank you so much!

@Darren_Murphy Just checked. This seems to work only in Glide Tables and not Glide Big Tables. Is this true?

That’s quite possible, especially if you have multiple relations involved.
I haven’t tried this myself in a GBT, so it’s something I would need to experiment with.

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@Darren_Murphy So would a normal Glide table be able to hold about 1 million rows of data over 14-16 months just containing rows with inventory in out data?

Putting row limits aside, I’d expect that you could load 1 million rows in a normal Glide Table, yes.
But getting 1 million rows to load on a users device (or even in the Glide builder) is a completely different matter.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse. It hasn’t yet been determined that what you want to do cannot be done in GBT. And I expect that it probably can be done. When I have some time, I’ll have a play with it, and will come back to you if I come up with a solution.


@Darren_Murphy Thank you! I will perform some trials myself as well

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