Displaying items in a particular set, when that set is checked

Looking to display a list of recipes that 1) correspond to a particular cookbook and 2) are checked by the user to be displayed. Ultimately, the goal is for users to purchase a particular cookbook and get its recipes digitally displayed.

This seems very simple, but for some reason I can’t get it done. Please see pictures to see how I’m attempting this. Any thoughts on where I’m going wrong or how I can do it?

Will the purchasing of the cookbooks happen within the app using the buy button?

What are your settings for the relation?

@Robert_Petitto yes, that’s the goal. I’m just using the check boxes as a first step to seeing how it might work.

@ThinhDinh here are the settings in the relation, plus the sheet it’s pulling from

Found a solution - please let me know if there is a better way!

The key I found is to keep everything, the sets & their corresponding items, on the top row. In this case, Cookbook Uno / Uno Relation (the recipes) / Uno Boolean are all connected & Cookbook Dos / Dos Relation / Dos Boolean are also connected all on the top row.


  • Put each Cookbook (the set) on the top row
  • Make the Recipes from each cookbook (the set items) into their own arrays, then turn those into relations - relation settings pictured
  • Make separate booleans for each cookbook that live on the top row


  • Make a list for each Cookbook or set you want, filter to display the one you want
  • Make a list for each Recipe items that are displayed, each connected to a separate boolean.
  • Set conditional visibility to show a Cookbook’s recipes if its particular boolean true (Show Dos Relation if Dos Boolean is true)