How to make a grocery list?


I am creating an app (for fun) that display some recipes for a popular vegan chef, here in Quebec (I listed also his podcast episodes and books, but that’s not my issue).

Here’s the app:

Click on ‘‘Boissons’’ and then ‘‘L’air d’or’’, this in the only recipe so far.

The tricky part is that I want to show each ingredient like a grocery list. Where all users can, with checkboxes, check the ingredient they already have in stock when they are at home or shopping.

I have two issues.

  1. I can’t show each ingredient name with the checkbox feature


list 2

  1. I want that each user can check the ingredient and that it appears in their ‘own’ line in the google sheet. Currently, it appears in one line, so one user check and it changes for all users.

Is it possible?


Very interesting use case! As you are representing ingredients as columns, yes, we have a plan for how this will be possible soon. At the moment it’s not yet possible for each user to have their own checkbox values–they are all shared. We’re introducing the concept of per-user columns in the next couple of months, at which point this will be possible.

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Niiice thanks for your time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m wondering, @Francois1, if you shouldn’t be looking at this differently. I’m thinking that this is a many-many relationship.

One recipe can have many ingredients, and one ingredient can be used in many recipes.

Then, just thinking off the top of my head, have three sheets.

  • Recipe detail
  • Ingredients in recipe
  • Ingredients lookup (i.e. list of all ingredients ever.)

I think then you should be able to create the ingredients as a checklist.

As I say, this is off the top of my head, so not certain it will work. But it might be worth pondering.

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Hope you don’t mind, @Francois1, I knocked up an example recipe app with those ideas i suggested.

There is still plenty of room for improvement in it.

Hope it helps.


This is so awesome @chrishoward

For a personnal use, this is perfect. I think I’ll build this app for me.

But for a lot of users, as far as per-user is not working, I’ll have to wait…

Again, thanks for your interest, very appreciated :slight_smile:

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Very handy! Thanks for building and sharing!

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Hey David, is this feature still in the roadmap? :slight_smile:

@Francois1 it’s been in staging for awhile, so I’m hopeful that it’s getting closer.

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