Modify the same details screen

I have a list of Workouts with a Buy button in one screen.

I have another screen of Purchased Workouts using the same Workouts listing but only those purchased by the logged-in user (achieved via relationships)

I want to hide the Buy button when the user navigates to the Workout details page via the Purchased screen, But since it’s essentially the same list, removing the button also removes it from the other list of Workouts available for purchase.

I wish to achieve this without having have to copy tabs using formulas as I find it far too laggy?

Can you add a relation column and a lookup column to get a list of emails that have purchased the workout? You can then set Visibility on the buy button when the email column is not signed in user.

took me a few tries to get my head around, but finally worked - thanks for your suggestion that did the trick! :slight_smile:

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