How to disappear button in different tabs

I have the same product catalog in two different tables,
let’s say tabs A and B, in the product details that are in tabs A I want to remove the shopping button, and in tabs B I want the shopping button to remain.
how do I do it? because when I click on product details in tabs A or else it will be the same, if I delete the shopping button in tabs A then the shopping button in Tabs B disappears

Any way to differentiate the two tabs ? You could use visibility on the button in Tan B.

Or don’t use show detail screen for Tab B but show new screen for Tab B and copy over all the components from Tab A to The New screen - Tab B. Sans the button of course.

Hi @MattLB
thank you for your response
unfortunately there is no difference between tab A and tab B,because I use the same product data,if there is a way to tell the difference I would like to know.

I’ve tried adding a new screen, but it doesn’t work.
because when the user clicks on the product he likes in Tab B, the screen must take to product details to add to cart via the shopping button.

What you can do is create a custom action on your Inline list that first sets a value in your user profiles table, before doing a show details. And then use that value to determine what is visible on the details screen.


Would be a bit weird if users are in the details view of both tabs at the same time, there will be a tab that shows the wrong button if you switch between the two.

USC columns would help. But I had this issue with this technique because hitting the back arrow does not run an action to set/unset the “Show Button” flag.

Not sure if this is correct but I duplicate ALL the screens in the new path so it looks the same, acts the same but is a different action sequence.

Nice thing about Glide is duplicating it easy.

This is how you can deal with that…

Show off! :rofl: :rofl:

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy
my problem solved…

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