Add a button in collection

I am trying to add a button to a collection, and whenever i use the same list on a different screen, the button appears.

Is there a way to hide this button? Am I doing anything right?

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In the Layout Editor:
• Click on the collection on the left.
• On the right, click on the Actions tab.
• Click on ‘Enable advanced actions’ and adjust the actions there.

Than you for your answer. But i want to hide the button instead…
The same button is showing on 2 screens ….

Do you have a screenshots or a video demonstrating what you are experiencing? I can only think of one case where your problem might be the case, but I don’t know if what I’m thinking is what you are explaining.

If you remove the action, doesn’t the button disappear?

I’m still not clear if it’s a button from the collection actions or if it’s a custom collection with an actual button component. I need more info before I can try to answer.

…or is this a whole ‘independant screen configuration’ scenario.

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Here are some screen shots. In both pages “Amis” & “Proposition” , the primary and seconday buttons are available. I would like to only show them in “Proposition”.

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yes, it gets removed from both

So you are getting to those screens by clicking an item in a collection to view it’s detail screen? Looks like two different tabs so I’m purely assuming here that you each tab has a collection that sourced from the same table. Is that right?

That’s right. It’s 2 different tabs for the same collection

When navigating to a screen using the ‘Show Detail Screen’ action, you will always be taken to a screen where the design is deeply integrated with the source table. You are ultimately getting to the same place through 2 different paths.

Your best option is to change the action on one of the tab’s collections from ‘Show Detail Screen’ to ‘Show New Screen’. That will get you an independent detail screen layout that is independent of the table. Then you will have to reconfigure that new screen minus the button you don’t want to see. You can copy and paste all components from one screen to another to speed up the process.

With all of that said, maybe it would help to understand why you have two tabs that lead you to the same place. Do they need to be separate tabs? Could it be one tab with a simple visibility condition on that one button based on the type of user, or something similar to that?

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I am sorry to ask that, but would it be possible to show me where the “show new screen” can be found?
Thanks alot for your help

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That’s practical, we can reuse the same screenshot :slight_smile:

Once you click on (3) in the screenshot below, where it says ‘Item click’ or ‘Collection item action’, you’ll see an action called ‘Show detail screen’. Replace that by ‘Show new screen’.

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That’s amazing. Seems to work fine.
Thank you so much.


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