Displaying Different Column from Looked Up Row

I have a Debts table where our users can input the different debts/loans they currently have and include things like the Lender Name, Total Amount, Interest Rate, and Monthly Payment.

I have a relation to this table on the User table so that I can do some math for display within the app.

I am trying to display the their debt that has the lowest interest rate, formatted something like:

Your debt with the lowest interest is LENDER NAME at INTEREST RATE

But I cannot figure out how to get the lowest rate while keeping the relationship with the lender name or other data in that row.

Anyone have any ideas?

Have you tried a Rollup column with MIN?

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I have. This get’s me the smallest rate which is great but I am not able to reference it in the app because I don’t know which lender is associated with that rate.

Then you can build a template in each sheet that combines the user/interest rate to create a new relation.


Genius. Just tried it out and it worked perfectly. Thanks!!

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