Disassociate glide table from google sheet

I have a few glide tables that were originally associated with Google sheets.
I would like to clean up my tables in Glide and just have them as Glide tables - is there a way to separate them?
Also can I rename my Google sheet as it now is named copy of copy of xxxx because I have copied several times (obviously!)

The only way is to recreate them as Glide tables.

You can safely do this.

Can I copy and paste the all of columns from the old table to a new one

Yes you can. I had to do this.

You can also bring in the data too. What you cannot import is any calculated columns from sheets, you will need to recreate those columns in Glide.

Also you may need to edit some of the column types after they are imported, like an image column, sometimes the date or number maybe set to text.

I don’t know why but sometimes the order get rearranged, but count the number you are importing and make sure it all imported.

In my experience for a column to be imported it must have at least one value in it, otherwise it will not import (there maybe some other way to do it)

If you are using ROWID, I don’t think you will be able to import those, you will end up with new ROWID’s

Hope this helps

You can, as long as the same RowID values haven’t previously been used in that same table. Otherwise, they should import fine.

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I don’t have any data that I use in the Google sheets and all of the calculations are performed in the glide tables.
So what is the process ? Highlight each column individually and then copy and paste into the new glide table or can I do multiple columns?

No, you need to do a CSV export from your Google Sheet table, and then CSV import to your new Glide table. All non-computed columns will automatically be created.

So I have to create all of the calculations again ?
I may just leave it as it is !

yes. Calculated columns have to be recreated.

You will be creating a completely new glide table.

Ok - understood, thanks