Disappointed in glide HELP 😥😥😥😥

please help :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Why don’t you temporarily upgrade to Business while you rebuild in Glide Tables?

on a separate note, you really think 10k updates per month is a big number?
to be fair, for many app builders Glide brings more value than it charges
but 10k is not a big number by any means. try using multiple choice filters or user specific columns to edit screen layouts or maybe an increment button… you’ll hit 10k in 10 days.

we are an ecommerce startup and we hit 10k every 5 days.

There’s no answer to that, because it’s relative.
We have a lot of clients who use Glide heavily, and only one of them is about to hit the 10k limit.
In my experience, businesses with less than 15 people using Glide stay in the PRO plan, otherwise they’d need the business plan.

Of course, the issue here is localization of pricing… 249/mo might be ok to pay for a US business but impossible for an Argentinian business today, for example.


very important point. I was planning to create an app for sister in law in Syria. She is a French teacher. Her monthly salary is $28…

we are maybe less than 10 active users, but have already gone business and purchased 45k updates in advance and cut the app features by 50% and cut many future updates or ideas on the app, and will still probably hit 70k by end of month…

Food for thought… Updates cost Glide money per update. I don’t know what those costs are, but if their expenses become greater than income, then we no longer have Glide to use because they will become bankrupt. Yes, I have used user specific columns a lot for navigation purposes and for custom forms, so I may have to rethink my apps workflow in the future, but glide has also mentioned that they may need to think about more tab style navigation and workflow features that don’t require the use of user specific columns, so I do forsee something like that coming down the pipeline, which would greatly reduce update counts for some people.


this is what I’m afraid of when there is an update on the price and contents of the subscription package.
and now it’s really happening.
At first I thought it was the same with $32 it was very helpful but it turned out that what was displayed was the old price that was no longer valid.

I’d rather design a glideapp template and sell it than become a partner.

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good to all thank you for your comments, I have not yet been able to find a definitive solution. there is another problem that I consider delicate. Nothing guarantees me that today I will buy a Business plan and tomorrow the glide conditions will also change. You’re not sure what you’re buying and that’s how it’s hard as a developer to work, today it’s one thing tomorrow another. Time and effort is dedicated to the development of an app thinking the conditions are one and then they change absolutely everything. I’m not saying that you want everything for free, precisely you are paying for a pro plan because it was said they were unlimited editions and one based on it. now the conditions change and everything one does falls to the ground. Zero is not only redesigning the apps, or redoing them, it is also one of having a platform security that guarantees stability, but every week we will have to be redesigning them and that would be a very difficult wear to sustain.

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We generally let people keep their subscriptions for YEARS after we introduce new pricing—we have thousands of customers on plans we changed in September 2021. In fact, it looks like your account still has access to our previous plans, with fixed-priced apps with unlimited updates.

If you are asking us not to change pricing before you buy Glide, that we cannot guarantee!

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Hi David, thanks for replying.
When I bought the plans for some apps from some companies, it said that the pro plan was unlimited in editions, and so far if you go to glide it appears unlimited. I would like to continue working on glide but the truth is that it is difficult if there are no guarantees. I say this because one cannot tell a client today it is free and after a month they already have to pay and possibly the next month now it costs twice as much, that would be unsustainable since our clients are small companies that possibly have many transactions but with very high values. little ones.
my account was upgraded to a pro plan and with 10,000 editions it collapsed and all of them were blocked, even the trial ones, leaving customers who already have their apps running blocked.
That generated too many problems for me that I am currently trying to solve and they are not easy.
I repeat, it is not my intention to switch to another platform, but as a result of this, I have to study how to use another that guarantees me a little more that these policies do not change so drastically.
I spend my money creating other profiles, mounting other applications again and paying again independently for pro plans, while I see what definitive solution I give to this.
As a constructive criticism, I believe that policies cannot be applied in this way because behind all this there are many companies with apps already working that trusted our word and now we have all been told that everything has changed and nobody has liked that.
We got to the point that some clients asked us to return their money and for small companies like ours it is leading us to a great crisis.
I hope you take this into account since it really is not an easy situation for us.
Thank you so much for your attention
at the moment we canceled the pro plans of my account and we are in the free plan, since that plan to which glide passed us is not viable for us

Switch to google app, is free… and for $12 a month you get 500,000 updates a day

tardes uzo cual es esa??? me puedes indicar si eres tan amable

Google web app, it looks like you need something fast, and reliable with many edits… but you need to know how to code GAS and HTML

Buenas tardes DAVID, quiero suplicarle me concedan una videollamada con alguien que habla español, ha sido imposible poderla realizar, he estado en las horas y dias que me han dicho debo estar para la videollamada con alguien que hable español, solicito el link 1 hora antes para poderme comunicar y nadie me responde y espeus que pasa la hora de la cita me dicen que no estuve presente en la video llamada. Represento un grupo de pequeños desarrolladore de latinoamerica, que queremos seguir trabajando con glide, pero tenemos demasiadas dudas y no hemos recibido respuesta alguna, simplemente un dia nos dan un plan al otro dia nos cambian las reglas a otro plan y asi nos la pasamos dia a dia. la incertidumbre es constante, no sabemos que va a pasar al dia siguiente con los pequeños desarrollos que tensmos con glide y es dificil para nosotros cuando nos dicen simplemente lo toma o lo deja, creo asi no debe ser,lo correcto seria primero nos atendieran, escucharan, nos aclararan varias dudas que tenemos de glide para nosotros poder tomar una decision al respecto. LE SUPLICO, porfa nos concedan una cita en meet o por el canal que ustedes consideren viable para poder solucionar de manera definitiva nuestros inconvenientes. quedo atendo a su respuesta, mil gracias.

James, we have offered you a very reasonable plan to help ease through this transition. I’m sorry this is not sufficient for you.


You’ve not shown up for three meetings we scheduled together to help you transition to new plans – two of these meetings were with a native Spanish speaker. You do not need to beg me for this–we have already offered it to you, and you have not taken it.

We’ve offered you a plan on our new pricing with a deep discount, yet you also seem unwilling to consider this. We are trying to find a solution that works for both of us, but you are only interested in keeping our old pricing, which is not an option. If our offers do not suit you, we will have to part ways.

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Debería evaluar sus aplicaciones si sus aplicaciones son de comercio electrónico como lo leí anteriormente, tengo aplicaciones que máximo usan 4 actualizaciones para recibir un pedido, siendo así una aplicación que esta en el plan pro que paga 99 dólares podría recibir 10.000 actualizaciones / 4 actualizaciones x pedido = 2.500 pedidos por lo tanto un comercio electrónico que facture 2.500 pedidos creo que podría estar bien de pagar un plan de 99 dólares por usar Glide que es su fuente de ingresos.

querido david, estuve en 1 reunion y fue con una persona que no hablaba ingles, el me dijo que se me iba a invitar a otra reunion con alguien que hable español, no se por donde me enviaron la invitacion, nunca me llego o no la encuentro. si revisas mis mensajes ahi claramente le pregunto a sean que por favor me envie el link de la reunion.
2. la reunion fue programada a las 2.30, a las 2:00pm le envie un mensaje que por favor me enviara el link de la reunion y nunca llego o como les explico no se po r donde me la enviaron la invitacion.
3. estuve desde las 12:00 muy atento esperando la invitacion pero no se que paso no me llego
4. si me interesa continuar solo que necesito hablar con alguien que hable español para que nos aclare algunas cosas, es para tener claro como trabaja glide, no puedo ir pagando sin saber como es que funciona. simplemente necesito alguien que hable español me explique para poder tomar el plan que necesito, pero repito primero necesito me expliquen.
5. solo necesito es aclarar unas dudas y asi poder tomar la mejor solucion, en ningun momento no he manifestado poca atencion.
6. el dia de ayer estabamos esperando con varios programadores la reunion, ellos tambien tenian dudas y querian yo los representara para hacer esas consultas a ustedes.
por favor david siempre he tenido la mejor disposicion para asistir a las reuniones pero es que no se por donde envian la solicitud, ruego me ayuden y poder programar otra reunion pero que yo sepa claramente por donde me envian el link. si es posible enviarme un mensaje al whatsapp +573136347333 o por donde sea facil mirar que la invitacion llego.
Es posible me ayuden en eso¡??
repito no es que no quiera pagar, siempre lo he hecho si revisas los planes que tengo he pagado varios entre ellos basicos y planes pro, pero si ustedes me aclaran unas dudas ya podre tomar la mejor decision.

por favor david, solo necesito saber que dia a que hora y por que medio seria la reunion con la persona que habla español.
y que por favor yo confirme que si recibi la invitacion, porque si la han enviado no la he podido ver.
y repito a la primer asisti pero fue con sean y el no hablaba español, entonces quedamos que la hariamos con otra persona que si hable español.

es todo lo que pido
de esa manera aclaramos las dudas que tenemos y podremos tomar el plan que mas nos convenga, en ningun momento nuestra intencion es no pagar, simplemente es poder entender como funciona glide. en latinoamerica tenemos muchas dudas, no tenemos claro muchas cosas y esas son las que necesitamos aclarar, es todo lo que pedimos

Hola James,

Creo que @SantiagoPerez puede ayudar aquí

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