Disappearing Rich Text and Incomplete Relations

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Hi all, I am creating an app for users to log social interactions/tasks for each contact the user enters. I wanted to incorporate custom text describing each task, however whenever I add rich text on one task it automatically adds it to all the tasks. The same happens when I add a button component. Is it possible to add different form buttons for each interaction or is it not possible?

Another issue: Created relation column to link social interaction categories to interactions, however only the tasks for the money category (first row of sheet) populates. The interactions that belong to the remaining categories do not generate in the relation column at all. Also, this issue is occurring whenever I am trying to create a relation between users and prospects. It will only show the relation for the first row of the sheet. How do I get the interactions to generate in the appropriate row category??

I am new to Glide and programming so it could definitely be my misunderstanding of how Glide works. I would appreciate any help offered.

In this screenshot, the relation column is missing the name of another user. It only shows the relation for Evil Niecey.

If you want a “description” then you should add a description column and fill in the details for each row, then display it in a text/action text component.

Regarding the button, I’m not sure if you want the same action for each row, but it will be the same for all rows. That’s the intended behaviour. Otherwise you want an “individual layout for each item” setup but if you add another row then you have to build it from scratch.

If you’re talking specifically about what the relation is showing, it’s just a way Glide tells you that they find a row that matches your conditions. If you want the specific column value to bring over then you use a lookup over that same relation.

This seems not a bug, so please remove the category if my comments helped you solve your problems.

I appreciate your response but this appears to be a bug in regards to the relation. From the videos I have watched, the relation I set up should relate the interactions to their respective category. The lookup produced the same result as the relation. So I guess I will leave the post up. I’m really hoping someone can tell me what I might be doing wrong. Seems like a simple fix. Thank you again. Also, how would I build an “individual layout for each item” from scratch because this is what I would want?

You will find the option here.

The intended behaviour is return a column from the row you want to relate to (previously it was showing the first column in the sheet, after their recent update I think it returns the column next to the column you want to relate to) so you know there’s a relation. From the relation you will be able to pull over any columns you want. Apologize if I understand your situation wrong but a lot of people have been confused by what they see in a relation’s result so you might not be the only one.

Mind blown! You have really helped me overcome some stress. Thank you so much! I think this is what I have been needing.

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No worries Kimberly. We are always here if you need help. Things might not have been obvious at the start but once you start building more and more then it will come naturally. Also make sure you browse this forum to know more about people’s use cases for each feature, and don’t mind asking!

Thank you, I will try to be more thorough in my search through the forum. As I now have to look up the reason my data magically disappeared from Glide but not my Google Sheet. lol

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