Disappearing apps

Hello all,

Maybe someone here knows what is going on or maybe that is just the way it works; however, I am in my free account and when I copy a template to use it removes my other apps that I have already started. When I delete the copied app, I am able to see the previous apps I had already listed. Any idea what is going on? Is it because I have not upgraded the free apps to paid apps?


That’s strange. I would advise recording the bug and mailing it alongside the buggy app’s support link to support@glideapps.com.

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Thanks ThinhDinh,

I followed your advice and sent them a recording. Apparently it is a bug where the apps that are copied are added to a new section called “My Apps” which I did not notice was created.

They say they are working on where the copied apps should appear and may have a fix sometime.

Thanks again for your help.

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Yes, it’s creating a new team called “My Apps,” and your previous apps are under “My Team.” We are going through a migration process to fix this, where all “My Apps” will become “My Team.”

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