Difference between iPhone and Android

Can anyone tell me why there are display differences between iPhone and Android

I have uploaded two images of one screenshot of an iPhone display, the label is in the middle and the Android label is on the right

Because they are different devices with different browsers, and each has their own way of rendering content. Is there anything specific about your screen shots that you believe doesnโ€™t look right?

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Yes, I want the label to be in the middle like the display on the iPhone, is this possible?

That is standard for Android/Chrome. It might be possible to adjust it with CSS. Iโ€™m not sure.

I thought making it aligning to center would work, but thereโ€™s a bit of a difference.


On iOS, the box reserved for the edit button is always rendered, while itโ€™s not on Android, hence aligning center on Android still makes it shift a bit to the right, because the box isnโ€™t there.

Proof that it does work when you enable edit.

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