Determine Dates From a Look Up Column

Is it possible for Glide to capture dates on lookup from a multiple relation column? It’s only giving me the option of ‘empty’ or ‘not empty’ for the column when trying to set visibility.


What’s your use case here? Dates can only be used when they are returned from a single relation.

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right. You’d have to use a single value column to grab a single date from a multiple relation.

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I see, Im trying to have the text ‘No Events’ display when there are no current events.

I did a multiple relation by business name from the master sheet to the events sheet (businesses have more than one event) and a lookup on the end date column thinking I could set the visibility from that.

Isn’t that the case when your relation is empty?

No, because that just means they don’t have any events, not that it has past.

Okay, so what about something like this:

  • Create an if-then-else column in your events table that returns the word true for any row that meets whatever criteria you need to filter on
  • Create a template column in your Business Owners sheet that just contains the word true (no replacements)
  • Create a multi-relation that joins those two columns

Ahhh, thank you that worked!! I actually have no more instances I am trying to do the same thing. let me see if this works for them as well.

Are the ‘IF’ cases also ‘AND’ cases, or ‘OR’ cases?

I have the following set up, but ‘True’ is still showing up for past dated favorites. I also tried it swapped.


When you need multiple conditions to be true (“and”), you need to flip the logic around.

Try this:

  • If Is Favourited is not true, then false
  • If End Date is before today, then false
  • Else true
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Yesss that worked, thank you! Ok doing one more.

Stuck on the visibility for this one…The column is displaying correctly, but the visibility isn’t.

I want the text to show when the row reads false. I tried ‘not true’ as well.


Do you actually have rows in the sheet where that column is false?
Is there any other filtering or row owners that could be causing the rows not to be shown?

btw… I usually avoid checking for false. I always check for true or not true. That shouldn’t matter in this case, but it does make a difference when you’re checking the state of boolean columns.

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Yes, all but one row is false. This is correct,as only one event has a date that is on or after today.

and noted!

The joined list is also off of a lookup column, when I clicked a cell in the joined column, it didnt expand into a long list…

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong? My joined list is not listing all the items in the column it’s pulling from. Thanks!

No row owners anywhere in that table?
Does the view change if you preview as different users?

No, no row owners.

I tried it again. So the If, then, else column is displaying correctly. The multi relation is listing all the names of the business owners, not their email address or name of the business in these two true rows. Should it be doing that?

In this case: I would like for businesses that do not have current events, the text ’ No Current Events’ is displayed. The joined list in the If,then column is for businesses that have at least one event (new and old). I think the next column should be one that shows the email address linked to the business, linked to the event which reads true. Not sure how I will do that however.

Ok I figured out how to have the email adress for true events show up in the column next to it. I created a joined list from this, but visibility is not working as it should. Anyone have a solution to this?? Thank you!