Filtering related events by date

I need some help.

I have a categories sheet with a column that relation all events I that category. I also have a column which count the number of events relating to that category.

Every event has a column with a date when it’s getting on.

Now I need a two more new columns showing the relating events taking place after now and another counting the number of events taking place after now for each category.

Maybe I’m stuck but can’t find how to do it. Any help, link to Glide Library or post related would be great. Can’t find any specific for this …

This is how it looks

Here’s how I think you could do it. In the Events sheet, create an IFTHEN that checks if the event date is after today. If it is, return the event title. Then you should be able to point your relation (shown in your screenshot) to that IFTHEN result instead of the full events list, so it only returns the Events in the categories that are after today.

Thanks a lot @shchc

You suggestion clairs my mind.

I got it. But with this alteration:

The IF THEN ELSE must return CATEGORY when it is after now and blank when it is now or before. Thereby I can relation, lookup and count only events which category appears in the IF THEN ELSE.


I have worked before with datasheets and also relational databases, Glide is a new approach…

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