Details Component Option

A details component will be very helpful in creating multiple components on one screen within a tab. I have seen many uses for this, where for example instead of creating two filtered inline lists on top of each other, I can create a details component and add the two lists there.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you share a mock-up?

Right now I have something like this, separating the exclusive and regular promos on the home tab.

Instead, I would like to have one inline list on the homepage, and when I click into this list (via see more text), then you see the two lists on top of each other, created on a details screen.

I was thinking of grouping, but I already have a grouping by date in place for the lists.

@david I see that when I try to add a component to a non-detail screen it says it’s not an option ‘YET’ so hoping that will come into play in the near future. It’s essentially the same thing.