Multiple Details Sets/Rows On a Single "Details" Screen

It would be awesome if we could add multiple rows of “Details” rows/sets to a “Details Screen”.

By this I mean, if we have a details screen we’re setting up, an option to add multiple sets(rows) of expanded information to a single details screen, but have the information separated out/repeated from one details set to the next, all on the same screen. See photo sample for idea of what I mean:

It could be added as a “style” option (could call it, “Multiple Detail Sets” or something), with all other customization staying (almost) the same. Could have option to add/remove components for entire list. (Ideally, could still add “Multiple Details Sets” as an “inline list” too-- this would be a natural way to allow customizing a handful of one-off components, then have an “inline list” of multiple detail sets (example: contact info, attendance checklists, etc.).
I realize this would NOT work (well) with really long lists, however for shorter lists (and/or filtered/per user lists) this could be really awesome.

Also, to include the regular, single “Details” option to “Inline List” options would be really helpful too as well for adding various types of information to different pages.


That is a very interesting idea. I like it. How would you handle editing the detail records? Like your screenshot suggests, you could use ‘view mode’ entry components, but if you wanted to go to a separate details screen for each item, would there be an edit/view button on each detail record? This could allow for some very cool customization of lists.

I’m building an app to record orders and if we have this magic, it would be so cool. Looking forward