Detailed View Filtering in Glide

in the checkout tab (detailed view) there is a filter searching for the last placed order by the user.
I have a image that appears if orderID returned is empty. meaning no order in checkout.

what happens is Glide finds the orderID of the last order which passes the filter, then it shows the image for a few seconds and then it comes back and returns the order ID found.

I’m guessing it goes away and checks for other rows that might pass the fitler.

Is there any way that I can remove this few seconds delay between finding the first match and searching the other rows in the table?

Can you attach some images or a video of that in action? Thank you.

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here is an old version of the app which has the same issue

you can try a checkout as a guest if you want. and watch what happens with the checkout screen starts

Here are 2 screen shots of the screen and the table.

the aim is to return only the row which matches the filter. it could only be 1 row per user. and the app returns that row. but for a few seconds it goes back to 0 match (like its searching the rest of the table) and then it returns that row again

It works perfectly for me when I try it on desktop. It instantly shows the checkout screen without the “no orders in checkout” hint. Is that what you want?

Yes. I tried it from a new browser and it worked instantly as well. But it seems when a lot of orders are added for the same user. the screen starts to appear as there will be more rows to search through.

are you aware of the functionality of the filter in detailed view? how does it actually work in the backend? does it return the first result and stop searching or does it search all and return the first result. (depending on the sort)

I’m not aware of how it actually works in the backend but as it always returns the first match, to enhance the performance I assume it stops at the first match.

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