Looking for old Glide App features in Glide Page

Hello, everyone,

In trying to make the switch from the original Glide Apps to the current program, I’m looking for these features:

  • In original Glide Apps, I could put a filter field on the screen for the user to temporarily filter the list themselves. It appears that the current filter filed is only a designer’s choice of what should appear. Am I missing it?
  • Secondly, I am creating a checklist. For the checklist to work, I must turn on the “user can edit” function. However, that allows the user to go to the item’s detail screen and alter other fields. I want the user to be able to do nothing but mark the checkbox as true. Any ideas?


You can still do this. Make sure you screen is set to custom screen and not a simple “screen from data”.

Click enable advanced actions.
CleanShot 2023-10-11 at 14.37.25

Do you mean this as a filter on a list on the screen, or a tab-level filter?

As Robert pointed out, you need to click “Enable advanced actions” and turn the “item click” action off. It’s set to “Show details screen > This item” by default.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Not sure I know the advanced action to build. The screen is a task checklist and I want the user to be able to make no edits other than click on a task to check it OR uncheck it. What is that action to edit only one field WITHOUT going to a detail screen?


Please check my reply above.