Deliver files via cloud (s3 etc)

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to deliver zips to customers in a portal via a secure link from a cloud service (s3, google cloud, box) or if Glide has a way to do this that’s secure so that urls are unique and expiring to prevent sharing.


  1. User logs in
  2. User sees downloadable file that they have rights to download
  3. User clicks on link
  4. A unique url is generated

I’m assuming this must possible, but any clues on the best way about it appreciated.

Currently just testing Glide (free) to see if it’s going to work for a project at which point would pay if API required.


There are actually many ways of doing this.

I’ll list them below, from the simplest to the most complex:

  1. You can set it up with visibility in such a way that after the user downloads the content, it does an action to disappear the data, for example;
  2. Almost the same as above, but deleting the data using Set Column or Delete Row actions;
  3. Configure it to be deleted (or perform any other action) automatically using API;

Thanks Lucas, but I’m not sure I follow and it will likely result in far too many updates if I’m understanding correctly. The user should log in and always be able to re-download (self-service) their files when needed. Plus, I still need a place to host the large files and deliver them.

For example:
In Glide can I make an action (button or form) that connects to a cloud service like s3 using an API? This way user clicks button, it gets authorized as valid in Glide, talks to a service like s3 and initiates a download?

Thanks in advance

I think I’ve got a better understanding of what’s needed, but I’m missing some bits.

  1. Glide row control to determine if the user gets and sees a given download or not.

  2. User action makes a GET request on button click

  3. Glide provides some authentication credentials (globally for the app to keep it simple or per user) along with the file info for the remote server.

*Not sure if this is possible and/or if some .env equivalent is needed to not expose credentials.

  1. A script on S3 (or Firebase etc) to handle the request and issue a time based unique url that initiates a download.

Is that doable/reasonable approach? Thanks :pray: