Deleting a user then adding him again - user specific columns

Some users especially the most active ones on the app, start to experience delays, restarts and issues using the app.
Some of them have reached a stage, I can’t even view their accounts from the builder without the builder crashing.

We have a feeling, user specific data could contribute to these issues.

Deleting a user & creating a new account for that user, using the same email, that would disconnect/delete any user specific data right?

Is that currently the only possible way to control user specific data ?

Now I’m not sure if user-specific data is the cause here, but to completely wipe out a user’s data, I believe you must go to Settings > Data > Delete User Data and type the email in.

Would you have any idea what other app issues could cause this? I know a user device could be a major reason. But I can’t even access some accounts in the builder … when i create a new account everything its fine.

I thought this was for GDPR reasons only. will give this a try & see how it functions.

I’m not sure. I have not seen the issue that happens with some specific accounts and not the others in the builder.