Delete Row action!

I can set an image to every button but not to the auto generated delete button.

Perhaps a global setting would be a good place for that option.

Try ‘Set Column’ with ‘clear value’ for all your columns.

This won’t, however, delete the row ID, and Glide will still count that row.

A sort of workaround for this is to use a unique ID generator on the creation of new columns so that would be seen as a deletable one.

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Hmm I hope this screenshot will clarify my request:

I can’t set the icon for buttons that added automatically like the delete button when I click the checkbox “allow deleting by user”

So you don’t want the pencil button?

No i want that i can choose an icon for the delete button

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Ah I get you. So in the edit action, the automatically added delete button can’t be configured, is that correct?

I want to configure it as well, but more the label than the icon.

Yes that is correct. Icon label and a different color would be great.


Actually, the ability to define what ‘item’ is would be better. i.e. a user is not an item


Shipped! Delete Row Action