Allow user to delete items: how does it work with a collection/email is signed-in user?

I making an image generator tab for my students. I want them to be able to delete images from their “gallery”- the images they have generator in the Collection (visibility set to email is signed-in user). I see in the Actions tab I can “Allow user to delete items”. I went back into the gallery and do not see a delete button/option for the user. I tried clicking into the image to see details, and nothing there either. What and how does Allow users to delete items work?
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Found it, they just need to hover cursor in the upper corner of the item and they get the delete option, Sweet!

What type of component are you using to show the image? For visibility purposes, wouldn’t a custom collection work better to show a button?

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Yes I am using a custom collection. I wanted a way for them to delete the items in the collection and eventually saw that one just needs to hover on the 3 dots int the corner of the images. Very nice.

I mean if you’re using a custom collection, you can just add a button that does the action, not all people are going to know to hover to get to that action.

But if there are several images in the collection, how do I set up a button to delete a specific image? With the “hover delete option,” GLIDE knows which row to delete specifically.

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you have multiple images tied to a row, or an image for each row? I mean the button with the action already ties to each row, so it would know which image to delete.

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@Todd_Lichtenwalter What @ThinhDinh means is that a custom collection is a collection style that you can customize with your own components in each list item. You can add an image component and a delete button in the custom collection container and each list item will have its own delete button specifically linked to that item. It’s not a single button outside of the collection. It’s part of the collection.


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