Delete Data Sources

How do you delete the Data Sources from your account? I have deleted every single app I have played with on my account and the Data Source from all are still there. My goal is to start fresh and connect 4 apps together.

The “Data Source” shown in your screen shot is essentially your Glide account. If you click on the arrow next to the name, you should get a list of Glide Tables associated with your account, and you have the opportunity to link any of them to the current project.

Are these the tables that you want to delete?

I don’t think there is any easy way to do that (which is a shame). As far as I’m aware, the only way to get rid of them is to link them to a project and then delete them - one by one.

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Someone really needs to fix that. You’d assume that they’d just automatically delete the tables when you delete the app! I am not sure if it’s even working the way you suggested as I have gone through something like 100 tables and now I’m stuck with a frozen screen!

Well, no - because there might be other projects using the tables.

But yes, I do agree that it is very cumbersome to manage. Hopefully that will improve in time.


At the very least, you’d think they’d offer the option to select multiple / all with a delete option.

That makes sense… but they could offer a warning saying that it’s connected to X apps. In my case, I had deleted every single app I had ever played with on the account.

At one point I had about 190 apps in my My Apps folder. Many were demo or testing apps accumulated from a few years of helping others in the forum. With the anticipation the My Apps folder going away, I started cleaning it out, and I got that knocked down to about 30 or 40 apps.

With the exception of maybe a few apps, I didn’t go straight to the delete option without some cleanup first. First I opened each app. Many older apps used google sheets, so I opened the associated google sheet and deleted the entire spreadsheet. Then if there were any glide tables, I deleted each one individually. Then I unpublished the app. Finally, I deleted the app. That way, I was assured that there were no traces of orphaned data or any lingering published apps.

I’m very particular and procedural. I prefer to manually delete all traces of apps that I no longer need. I’m even the same way with native apps on my phone. I always do a force stop, followed by clearing the app’s cache, followed by clearing the app’s data, and then finally uninstalling the app. I’ve never trusted an uninstall or delete process on it’s own to remove all traces of data.


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