Delay of 15 seconds to update the calculated data

I have designed a calculator which calculates the values and produces the output. But the app takes 15-20 seconds to update the results. Can someone give suggestion of what can be done to decrease the latency?

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The way to deal with this is to move all your calculations out of your spreadsheet and do them in Glide. This will give you instant results.

Set your input components up so that they write data to user specific columns, then you can use them to perform the calculations and display the results in real time as the data is being entered. It will have the added benefit that more than one user will be able to use your calculator at the same time.


I am very new to glide and when authencating it sends pin in gmail. Can i add authentication like passwords and forget passwords and can i even authenticate using gmail and others.

You can allow sign in with a Google account, you’ll find the option under Privacy Settings.

For other sign in options, it depends whether your app is private or public, free or pro. See below for options.

Thank you sir, for your very fast reply does glide provides the features to get connected to the online database like aws, azure or for now as the app is in testing phase and not in production does it have any db to see things of how it works and then connect with db in future.

At the moment it’s just Google Sheets and Glide Tables.
But Glide do have plans to support several other external sources in future, including MS Excel, MySQL, Airtable and others. Some of these are already available for Enterprise customers.

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