Deferent between update and sheet edits

What is deferent between update and sheet edits?


According to new pro plan $99/Mo, do you cancel unlimited sheet edits and updates?

I don’t think the term “Sheet Edits” applies to the new pricing anymore. What you need to care about is just the Updates, which include:

  • Adds (row adds)
  • Edits (changes to your data)
  • Deletes (row deletes)
  • Syncs (number of syncs between Glide and your external data sources like Google Sheets or Airtable)

Please keep the conversation to this thread, though.


@ThinhDinh Did they consider “updates” for old pro plan?, I can see “updates” in my usage section. is it count “updated” correctly?. I used old pro plan app.

below image includes, old pro plan “updates”, see my “updates” 24 of 10000 updates for this month,

I believe they are showing the updates bar on old plans, just so you can get an approximate idea of what your old app uses for updates. It’s not enforced at the moment, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just watch it and see how many updates your app uses. Then you will have an idea when the time comes that you will need to switch to a new plan.


Thank you

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