Is there a cap on updates when our app only uses a table

Hi there, just checking something with the new payment plans. The old plan allowed 1000 free sheet edits but there was no cap on edits when the app was using a table. Is this still the case for the new plan ie. unlimited edits for a glide table?

An Update occurs when a row is added or changed and when changes to a data source like Google Sheets or Airtable are synced.

You should, therefore, incur fewer updates by only using Glide Tables.

See the All-new Teams Plans discussion to get a lot of answers to questions you might have.

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Okay thanks for that. I read that update but i couldn’t quite work out if there were or weren’t limits on table updates. A bit bummed that they went from unlimited free edits on a table to very low edit caps. I thought i was reading it wrong because it seems like quite a drastic change. Could @david just confirm this edit cap/threshold as it does affect quite a few apps for me. Really want to be sure of things moving forward.

To me it sounds like “when a row is added or changed” means that a new table row incurs an edit/update AND you also use up an edit when a cell is changed within a row (especially where the change recalculates other columns of the same row)
I have a five layered dynamic search that progressively alters the following search choices - This would basically result in a cost of (5 cents USD) for every search performed. This pushes the viability of the app off a cliff.

Another grey area is with increment or set columns. Do they now increase our edits.
I can understand that while we are testing and building an app the low edit cap was not so much of an issue because the pro app upgrade would offer unlimited edits to sheets (and tables had no edit cap)
But the $99 upgrade provides a very low edit cap of 10,000 edits which makes the average pro app extremely expensive to browse and interact with once the low edit cap is exceeded.
Please would someone give me some clarity on these issues.

2 things:

  • You could address any questions or remarks you might have regarding the new team plans in the thread that was created for the announcement. The thread has become a nice collection of questions and answers: All-new Team Plans
  • You can address all your questions to @DJP since he is the one who made the announcement and is the person from Glide addressing the community, answering questions, etc.
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Awesome i’ll check that out right now. Thanks @nathanaelb

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I’m actually still unsure of the answer to this question.
Do Glide Tables incur Updates? Yes OR No?

Glide tables can have Adds, Edits, and Deletes like any other data source. The only difference is that there aren’t any syncs since the data is only hosted by glide. So, yes, they can incure updates.


Okay thanks for that👍

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