Default width of number field shouldn't be full width

The maximum size of a number in Glide is the number + any decimal places.
The default width of a number field seems to be full width.
However, anything wider than a phone-sized device and the increment up/down controls are really far away from the number you’re incrementing.

Suggested solution
If not on phone-sized device, then make max width = enough room for say 1,000,000.000, or something more common sense, not full width.

(There is a similar UX issue with toggle switches, the field label is on the left and the toggle control is waaaay on the right, even on mobile devices this looks weird.)

if this is App… use CSS to make the size that you want… If Pages, put in the 4 columns container, it will make it 4 times shorter.

What if the field is in a form though?
You can’t add a container within a form container :cry:

Rather than hacking around poorly designed defaults, my suggestion is to redesign the feature.

For example, Tally uses common sense field widths in their form builder.
Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 10.56.39 am

yes, but they won’t do it… so your only solution… is your own creativity :wink:
Check my Code BOOK, I have a code for that there… look for 3 elements in a row.

Agreed. It looks stupid. I almost never use full width forms in Pages for exactly this reason.