🆕 Default values in forms and add screens!

Yes, I completely agree with that.

Specifically about this part, I made many workarounds for my very first app on Glide and I still haven’t updated it with our new shiny toys as I don’t have time and fear I would break something…



So…if John hour cost is 30$, when i assign 3 hours to a task, how do i impute fixed 90$ to that task and those 90$ do not change even if John hour cost passes to 35??
In Glide Editor. Without Scripts in G Sheets.


Actually, I think you can do this today with the Math column, in a form or add screen.

I have a similar case to yours. Basically you need to save John’s name and his cost from the same choice components correct? I just recently posted about this similar problem here.

I don’t have a good solution yet, but one idea I have is to create a template of name and cost with a comma or some other delimiter in between the values. Then split it into separate columns in the google sheet with a SPLIT formula. That would lock in the Name and the Cost even if John’s cost changes later.

Thanks ! Concerning you idea, the glide template column cannot be passed to GSheet, so i cannot use the SPLIT formula

It can if the template is in the choice component value and you write it to the sheet when you submit the form. Then it’s available in the sheet for you to SPLIT.

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Is Add Screen now Show New Screen?

I have an Action pointing to a New Screen that has a choice component pointing to a User Specific column, but no Default Value under Data is available.

Default value does appear in Forms screen though.

‘Add’ screens are what you see when you have a list style screen layout and you click on ‘Add’ at the top right of the screen to add a new row. They work like a Form screen, but there is one big difference. A form screen, is attached to a parent row where that form button is located. So, the ability to set default values from the parent row is a possibility. An Add screen, on the other hand, has no way to be attached to any underlying parent row, so there is no way to retrieve a default value from a parent row.

Now, the Show New Screen is completely different and is nothing more than a different type of Detail screen. The Show New Screen action allows you to attach to any table with a details style layout that can be independent from any other detail screen that may be part of that table, but the new screen is still attached to an existing row.

Since the Show New Screen is just a detail screen that’s attached to an existing row, it’s not natively meant to have the ability to set default values because it’s really meant to show the existing value in the attached row. Think of it this way…if you were allowed to set a default, and then a user made the value blank, would you want it to remain blank, or revert to the default value the next time they open that screen? I could be confusing, not only you, but also to the user.

If you want to use a Show New Screen like a Form or Add screen, and have default values set when you open that screen, then you need to use a custom action which will first set the default column values in that row before opening the screen.


This worked to a T. Thank you!

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