Choice Component Not Showing List Values in Default

Dear COmmunity,

We are trying to get set a default value for our choice component, which took a list of values from another sheet.

In our other project, the Default selection is available, but not the current. The attached for your perusal and appreciate any advise.

I think the behaviour of this changed a while ago. It used to let us choose from the actual values we’re loading to that choice component, plus the user profiles values, but now it’s just user profiles values I think.

Do you always want a fixed value for the default? You can create a column in your user profiles tables to support this.

In our earlier project we are able to choose the default values from the list (from another table)


I am using If Else Then now, quite troublesome and lengthy

Hmm. I just checked the behaviour again and it seems like it still supports default values sourcing from the column you choose. This is an old, meaning it’s not on the new computation model.


Then I tried creating a new app, which should be on the new computation model, and I can replicate the problem.


@SantiagoPerez do we consider this a bug?

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Hi @ThinhDinh

Please, submit a ticket with a support link and a screen recording so we can take a look at it. Form

Here’s the link to submit a support ticket. Ideally you should use Loom or so the team can look more into it. Thanks!